"Damals war es Friedrich" by Hans Peter Richter

This website is intended for teachers who use the novel "Damals war es Friedrich" in their German classes. Students can access the site for resources, activities, vocabulary and discussion topics.

The book:
"Damals war es Friedrich" is an authentic text which is regularly taught in German schools. It is divided into pre-story and 31 chapters. Because the narrator is a young boy, the sentences are short and the vocabulary is relatively simple, which makes the novel readable for non-native speakers of German. The story follows the friendship of two young boys, one Aryan and  one Jewish during the Third Reich. The provocative theme lends itself to thoughtful discussion about present-day situations.

Intended readers: These activities are designed for students of German as a foreign language after the age of 15 with approximately 300 hours of language instruction.

The text is available from Continental Book Company. The AATG also has teaching materials for "Damals war es Friedrich" developed by Ursula Bannister, et al. available at the AATG store.